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AgroMed LLC

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Scientific Papers Published Covering Technology

Plants: Enhanced Disease Resistance

Expression of a Cecropin B Lytic Peptide Analog In Transgenic Tobacco Confers Enhanced Resistance To Bacterial Wilt Caused by Pseudomonas solanacearum—Jesse M. Jaynes, Pablito Nagpala, Luis Destefano, Jian Hong Huang, JaeHo Kim, Timothy Denny,& Selim Cetiner

In Vitro Toxicity of Natural and Designed Peptides To Tree Pathogens an Pollen—V. Jacobi, A. Plourde, P.J. Charest, and R.C. Hamelin

Effect of Transgenic Cotton Plants Transformed with Antimicrobial Synthetic Peptide D4E1 on Cotton Seeding Disease, Soil Microbial Diversity, and Enzymatic Activity (Confidential) — LaKisha Odom, Tuskegee University, March 31, 2010

AgroMed Citrus Project (Confidential) - Jesse M. Jaynes, PhD, Senior Vice President For Research, AgroMed LLC, 2010

Nutrition: Enhanced for Nutritional Content

Plant Protein Improvement by Genetic Engineering: Use of Synthetic Genes - J.M. Jaynes, M.S. Yang, N. Espinoza and J.H. Dodds

Expression of a Synthetic Gene for Improved Protein Quality in Transformed Potato Plants - M.S. Yang, N.O. Espinoza, P.G. Nagpala, J.H. Dodds, F.F. White, K.L. Schnorr and J.M. Jaynes

Poly-1-Lysine, A Nutritional Source of Lysine - C.W. Newman, J.M. Jaynes and D.C. Sands

Questions (and answers) For Case Studies: High-Protein ASP1-Sweetpotato Plants Tuskegee University— Drs .Marceline Egnin, Channanpatna Prakash, & Ralphenia Pace, Tuskegee University. Dr. Jesse M. Jaynes, Kennessaw State University. Dr. Kenzo Nakamura, Nagoya University, and Graduate Students: M. Walker, J. Jackson & k Shireen

Biosafety & Toxicity Issues

Transgenic Plants And BioSafety: Science, Misconceptions And Public Perceptions—C. Neal Stewart Jr., Harold A. Richards, IV, Matthew D. Halfhill

Animal Applications

Use of Intravaginal Microbicides to Prevent Acquisition ofTrichomonas Vaginalis Infection in Lactobacillus Pretreated, Estrogenized Young Mice - W.B. Lushbaugh, A.C. Blossom, P.H. Shah, A.K. Banga, J.M. Jaynes, J.D. Cleary, and R.W. Finely

Inhibitory Activity of Synthetic Peptide Antibiotics on Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Infectivity In Vitro - Jia Ma, Suzanne Kennedy-Stoskopf, Jesse M. Jaynes, Linda M. Thurmond, and Wayne A. Tompkins

Efficacy of a Synthetic Lytic Peptide in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer - Julie A. Arlotti, Tami S. Cimino, Thu-Suong Nguyen, Rajiv Dhir, Angela Thomas, Jesse M. Jaynes, A. Lee Caldwell Jr., Robert H. Getzenberg

Peptidyl Membrane-Interactive Molecules are Cytotoxic to Prostatic Cancer Cells in Vitro - Cary N. Robertson, Kathryn M. Roberson, Aaron Pinero, Jesse M. Jaynes, and David F. Paulson

Synthesis and Characterization of Noscapine Loaded Magnetic Polymeric Nanoparticles - Mohamed O. Abdalla, Ritu Aneja, Derrick Dean, Vijay Rangari, Alvert Russell, Jesse Jaynes, Clayton Yates, and Timothy Turner

Burn & Wound Healing Applications

In Vitro Release Testing of A Peptide Gel—Advait Badkar, Kishore Tallluri, Srini Tenjaria, Jesse M. Jaynes & Ajay K. Banga

Topical Antibiotic Shows Promise In Burn Wound Study—Paul Wynn, Dermatology Times, Oct. 2000

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